About Implementing SIMULATIONiQ IPE

Interprofessional education (IPE) helps develop work skills and competencies that improve patient care and reduce medical errors. Unfortunately, providing the right IPE curriculum across multiple departments involves logistical challenges and significant costs.

But you no longer have to deal with the nightmare of creating and scheduling your own IPE program. Instead, use SIMULATIONiQ IPE, which makes it easy for students to learn together collaboratively, either synchronously or asynchronously. 

SIMULATIONiQ IPE is your contemporary web-based learning environment for teaching patient-centered care. During your free 30-minute consultation with an EMS IPE expert, you’ll discover how easy it is to seamlessly integrate SIMULATIONiQ IPE into your curriculum. 

For streamlined implementation, SIMULATIONiQ IPE offers:

  • Instant access to pre-created content, allowing learning to begin immediately
  • A web-based platform that eliminates complicated software installation
  • Scalable enrollment, enabling the inclusion of any number of students based on class need
If you’re interested in learning more about how easy it is to implement SIMULATIONiQ IPE, simply complete the short form to speak with an interprofessional collaboration expert at EMS.