Learn What to Look for in a Web-Based IPE Provider

Ensure the Success of Your Interprofessional Education Program

You’re thinking about enhancing your students’ interprofessional education with a
web-based platform, but you need to make sure that the team training they receive online is up to the standards of the rest of your curriculum. 

Check out our free tip sheet, 6 Capabilities Your Online IPE Program Provider Must Have, and learn what to look for in a web-based IPE provider. It should:

  • Work with you to make sure that the case simulations your students participate in meet the learning goals you set
  • Train your faculty and students on the platform in advance, and remain available to provide help and support
  • Manage scheduling, enrollment, and other logistical issues

Use this valuable tip sheet to find a provider that will work closely with you to ensure your needs (and your students’ needs) are met throughout the entire educational process. 


6 Capabilities Your Online IPE Program Provider Must Have